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Creative Europe Desks provide practical information, advice and technical assistance and support to those applying for funding under the EU Creative Europe Culture sub-programme 2014–2020.

What we do?

  • The Desks are designed to:
    - Provide information about and promote the Creative Europe programme in their country;
    - Assist the cultural and creative sectors in relation to the programme and provide basic information on other support opportunities;
    - Stimulate cross-border cooperation within the cultural and creative sectors;
    - Provide assistance regarding the cultural and creative sectors in participating countries;
    - Support the Commission in ensuring proper communication and dissemination of the results and impacts of the programme;
    - Ensure the communication and dissemination of information concerning funding awarded to and results in a participating country.


Who we help? 


The cultural and creative sectors express Europe's immensely rich and diverse cultural heritage, and contribute to the development of our societies. These sectors play a major role in the European economy and help generate growth and jobs. Creative Europe is designed to protect and promote cultural and linguistic diversity in the EU, strengthen the competitiveness of these sectors and open up new markets, opportunities and audiences for those involved.

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